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Do you have a story to tell? A message that needs to be communicated? A concept or campaign to develop?

Then we have a new skill that can do the job!

Copywriter Benny Steen Møller has worked for a wide range of clients - from municipal smoking cessation courses to global wind turbine manufacturers. A particular love of cars has given him solid experience in the wider automotive industry - and a few exciting vehicles in his personal life!

Benny is known for quickly getting to grips with the task at hand, understanding the customer and, not least, the customer's customers. And from there, it's not far to a sharp and well-written text.

Whether it's a press release, newsletter, web text, brochure or something else entirely, Benny is at the keyboard.

Write an email to exponent@mail.dk, call 21 79 00 22 or click the button below.

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