Graphic Design

Skilled and experienced graphic designers help with everything from logos, printed matter, packaging, banners, POS material and graphics for social media.

Good design seller

We find the visual expression that best expresses the core values of your company and is based on your guidelines. It's about communicating your message invitingly and effectively to your target audience, so as to ensure brand identity and thereby confidence in your business.

Visual identity design

We design a sharp and professional visual identity so that your business differs from the competition. This applies across all channels and platforms. We simply create positive recognizability –   down to the smallest detail.

Great experience

The graphic designers at In House Design have many years of experience in designing printed matter, which effectively communicates the message and ensures the common thread for both small businesses and large international groups.


Once the strategy and plan are in place, we ensure efficient production management to achieve the desired results. We deliver the product based on the formal requirements and with a strong focus on the target group.

Up to date

We follow everything new in the design world, e.g through various industry networks and through the use of continuis education – especially within web design and social media.

Should we help you?

Let's have a non-binding talk about how we can help you.