About In House Design

As a one-stop advertising agency, we are proud of our unusually long customer relationships with, among others, large international groups that can see the value in the collaboration with a smaller advertising agency. 

Today, we have a strong focus on strategy, website design, social media, photo and video production. This, combined with 29 years of experience in graphic design, POS material production and distribution of low-cost printed matter in Northern Europe, makes In House Design a valuable partner. 


Our dedicated team is used to translating earned know-how about our customers' products and services into effective on- and offline advertising solutions in many languages in northern Europe.


In House Design was founded in 1994 to primarily support the German Bosch group with graphic design and competitive purchases of printed matter in the Nordic region. The agency also evolved to serve a number of other customers, some of whom are rooted in the construction and automotive industry, which we have special know-how about.

We have also helped companies within e.g. agriculture, indoor climate, medico, banking and insurance, kitchen and restaurant as well as beauty. In House Design has overall solid experience with B2B and B2C communication.


In House Design mainly uses Nordic Swan Ecolabeled printing companies that use environmentally friendly FSC paper, vegetable-based inks and renewable energy. In addition, paper is recycled, waste is minimized and the use of chemicals is reduced to an absolute minimum.
In House Design provides "IngenCO2 certifications" based on your website compensating for the total CO2 emissions from the operation of your website.


In House Design is proud to partner with Retail Support, which offers sales support for merchandising, assembly and product demonstration, targeted non-food and construction markets.

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