Website for Retail Support


Retail Support specialises in servicing DIY and non-food stores. They help Danish and international brands with store design, merchandising, sales visits and product demonstrations.

Retail Support is going strong and after almost 10 years with their old website solution, it was time for a fresh look that reflected where the company is today.


In House Design designed and developed a bespoke website solution for Retail Support. The focus was on a more modern design and, not least, better navigation and overview. Elements from Retail Support's visual identity were implemented, including their orange colour and new images.

In House Design produced the new credible images, which show Retail Support in their daily working environment. The images were intended both for the website, but also for other marketing activities such as social media.

The website solution is written from scratch and takes up minimal space, so it loads very quickly. This has major benefits in terms of SEO (search engine optimisation), but also in terms of user experience. It is easy for Retail Support to edit the content and add new pages, as a content management system is connected. The CMS is separate from the website solution. When changes are made to the content and structure of the CMS, the website layout adapts automatically.

See the finished solution here.

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