Captures the attention of passers-by as inside.



  • Ordered on individual goals
  • At width over 5 m, pieces are welded together



  • 12 months before colors may begin to fade (depending on sun exposure)
  • Tap 1 page in color



  • For indoor use fire retardant 205 gr. Textile
  • For outdoor use 370 gr. "Mesh", i.e. pierced fabric that the wind can pass or tarpaulin fabric 510 gr. Frontlit if it does not hang wind



  • With "eyes" per 100 cm or per 50 cm. and edge bands on the back
  • With running at the top and possibly also bottom
  • Round irons at the top and possibly also bottom incl. Clamps
  • With Velcro (20 mm band)


Delivery/producton time:

  • Folded
  • About 1 week



  • We match the price!

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